A guided conversation

I offer both short and long term therapy, with adults over 18, according to individual need.

I meet weekly, for one hour, excepting the usual holidays. I offer daytime sessions from 8.30 am.

I meet a client for an initial session which gives us the chance to see each other, the client to talk about what brings them and myself to get an idea of how I might expect to be able to help. If this meeting is satisfactory to both we agree to continue. We may also agree to review after a few sessions to check that the work is being useful.

Ending usually depends on the client feeling they have completed what they came to do.

I have a comfortable workroom which provides a private and supportive environment.

The main medium I use is talking, a conversation which I guide in order to establish and develop rapport, moving into client self exploration. I see psychotherapy as a co-operative endeavour for the benefit of the client.

I work with the whole person and understand any particular symptom as the way a client attempts to communicate and express something important.

I use imagery, dreams and fantasy and sometimes artwork and pay attention to body, breathing, and voice.