I will be retiring from practice in 2021 after 40 years as a Gestalt psychotherapist. I am no longer accepting new clients.

I would like to send warmest good wishes to all past and present clients.

Who is Psychotherapy for?

Anyone who is experiencing emotional and mental distress.

Life is difficult at times for everybody, even the most fortunate.

All of us know what it is like to sometimes feel we can’t cope on our own. Talking to family and friends is often useful.

When this is not possible or not enough you may think about finding a sympathetic professional, such as myself, who is experienced in helping people in your situation.

I frequently meet with clients who are experiencing some form of depression. This is a commonly used term which means many different things and each person’s experience is unique.

Contributing factors which can indicate that professional help is needed may include work and family stresses, overwork, life transitions such as the birth of children or retirement, the on-going and lasting effects of childhood abuse and neglect, loneliness, illness and so on.

It is common to feel that we are not being successful enough in living up to the demands we make on ourselves and the expectations of people and the society around us. I meet a lot of clients who are very driven and consequently at their limits but still unable to rein back, to the point of risking physical or mental breakdown. It is important to try to intervene before either of these happen.